MYMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately owned and funded clinical stage biotech company. MYMD has discovered, patent protected and is developing a novel, first-in-class drug (MYMD-1) to treat disease and aging at the root cause: immunometobolic dysfunction.

It is established that a balanced immunometobolic system is essential to maintaining healthy homeostasis; however, under stress or as we age, this complex system can commonly enter a state of dysfunction causing disease and aging. MYMD-1 is a novel drug platform that is being developed to treat a broad range of conditions, including autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and aging by addressing dysfunction of the immunometabolic system. 


Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned executives with decades of experience in medicine, drug development, clinical studies, and financial and corporate development. and committed to our mission to make a difference in the lives of patients.

James A. McNulty, CPA is CEO of MYMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (development stage pharmaceutical company), and is Chief Financial Officer for Hopkins Capital Group, an affiliation of limited liability companies which engage in venture activities primarily in development of pharmaceuticals.

Vice President of Operations for MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Over the past 28 years, his professional experience encompasses a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing, quality, and product development for several public companies. Mr. Jones has worked directly for the founder of MyMD for over 20 years in various capacities in the pharmaceutical biotech arena. Utilizing a hands-on approach, he managed the development, synthesis and manufacture of several API’s under cGMP guidelines. Mr. Jones has designed and formulated pharmaceutical products and nutraceutical commercial products. He is a Virginia native and majored in Engineering at Virginia Tech.